Google Home
Step 1: Creating your Magic Home cloud account

In order to control your smart light with the Google Assistant or control them remotely, you need to create a Magic Home cloud account and signed in.

Google Home
Step 2: Add your light and modify the name

make sure there's at least one smart light in device list, and enabled your lights for remote control.
In the "Home" page, long press on the light you wish to rename.

Step 3: Add Home Control Action

Add device in Home Control of the Home app. Select "Magic Home WiFi".

Google Home
Step 4: Login with your app account

Enter your app account and password to finish the account linking. (using your Magic Home cloud account you used in step 1). Your device should be listed in Home Control device list now.

Google Home
Step 5: Control your light

At this point, you're all setup. You can now control your lights by issuing voice commands.

Supported Commands:

Say "Ok Google" or "Hey Google", then..

Changing colors on your lights
Color Options for Google Home control of your smart device: